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La Fraction et Planète Mars

La Fraction

Lost in Intoxication

Johannes and I were in France a few weeks ago launching a new project we’ve been conspiring the past few months: The Endless Hack. There’s longer prose in the works regarding that, so in the meantime please sign-up to the newsletter and follow the project on Twitter and Facebook. On today’s blog I’d like to tell you a story from our time in Paris.

Planète Mars

Rather than go out our first night, we holed up at the closest bar next to our Airbnb: Planète Mars. You enter Mars on the left and are greeted with its semi-round bar surrounded by an array of different stools on your right. The bar itself is fairly small but makes up for its size in quirks:

  • Monday is Scandinavian DJ night
  • There’s a Glen Livet holder, holding a bottle of Jim Beam
  • A €45 bottle of Champagne offered via a hastily scrawled advert
  • Small glasses for newcomers, big glasses for regulars
  • A...

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or on converting your audio into YouTube videos

When it comes to sharing music on the web, two factors are of the upmost importance: accessibility and syndication. I’ve preached a lot about making sure your content is accessible from any device (using HTML5 capable players and a clear play button) in the past, so today I’d like to talk about syndication, and making sure you’re reaching as many ears as possible.

These days an artists’ fans are distributed around the web in multiple destinations. Gone are the days of centralized traffic hubs like MySpace and yes the band website. So instead of funneling fans into a single destination of content, artists are syndicating their assets to their site, social networks, and most importantly (IMHO) email.

It’s for this reason we also see the repetition of content on media platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube. The truth is, in order to...

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Sim Bootleg


On the art of bootlegging live concerts and YouTube WebM video.

This post goes out to all the bootleggers out there, sacrificing their own concert experience so we can relive our favorites moments on YouTube later. Their efforts, for the most part, have gone under appreciated. Until now.

During this weekend’s Reykjavík Music Hack Day, Johannes and I built a modern concert bootleg simulator called OMGIG. The premise is simple: Take any YouTube video and see it through the bootlegger’s own eyes, that is the eyes behind a video recording iPhone.


  1. Search for any YouTube video.
  2. Change youtube.com in the URL to omgig.com
  3. That’s it!

You will then be transported back in time to the faithful day when that brave bootlegger forfeited his own vision to maximize your future viewing.


How’s it work?

In general, the app is quite simple and you can find a list of all...

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Free Instagram Printer

Insta Printer

Please note this blog represents a working concept, but I cannot offer any support towards the creation of an app. Sign-up if interested!

A tutorial, an app, and a cause. By Lee Martin.

A few weeks back I launched the In Rock We Trust campaign [1] for the Foo Fighters. At the end of that post, I mentioned that I wrote some software which printed the customized bills in real-time as they were minted on the site. I also mentioned that you could use a similar technique to create your own Instagram printer.

But what is an Instagram Printer?

New York based creative agency, Breakfast, pioneered this technique in a Kickstarter project they dubbed Instaprint. The basic concept was this:

Instaprint prints out Instagrams by watching out for any photos tagged with specific location or hashtags.

So, let’s say you’re throwing a Halloween party next week, and you’ve told all your friends to...

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A Music Business Job Board

Sex, Drugs, & Jobs

I got 99 problems but a job ain’t one.

I get asked two questions quite a bit


  1. Do you know someone who can fill this position?
  2. How do I break into the music business?

The answer to the first is yeah, probably. I tend to surround myself with nerds and creatives. And the second is I don’t know …. work hard for a band you care about and hope for the best?

The truth is, recruiting, being recruited, and just getting a chance to work in the music business is tough. There’s so many great jobs and talented candidates, waiting for the day they randomly bump into each other. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the best jobs and talent were able to converge at a common location daily?

I wanted to solve this problem as efficient as possible for my own peace of mind so I decided to build an app: It’s called Sex, Drugs, & Jobs and it’s a job board for the business we hate to love: Music.

A job


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Brain Transplant


or How to migrate Postgres Databases with Heroku.

Last week I discussed some highlights from Johannes Wagener and my Battle Born campaign for The Killers. As mentioned in that post, we also simultaneously launched a campaign for Muse called The Social Connectome. Using the Human Connectome Project as inspiration, we developed a Chrome experiment that mapped and visualized Muse social connections (rather that the brains neural network) in an organized effort to unlock The Isolated System, a track off the new album, The 2nd Law. You can read an overview of that build on Jo’s blog.

Today I’d like to tell you about something that transpired right in the middle of that launch and serves as a testament to Heroku’s excellent Postgres database infrastructure.


The campaign itself was quite viral for two reasons:

  1. Muse has a shit ton of fans: over 13 million Likes and 1 million...

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There comes a time in every programmer’s life when he must seek out help in order to have a project (or projects) realized. That happened for me three weeks ago, and that help came in the form of Johannes Wagener.

Jo and I met two years ago while we were both working at SoundCloud, and quickly realized that we shared the same amount of enthusiasm for two things: alcohol and code. So naturally we ended up hacking several drunken apps together like Concert 2021, Wave Raid, and Waveform.JS. So before running away from SoundCloud, we vowed to hack on other fun projects in the future…

Well the future is now, and we’ve spent the last three weeks developing two campaigns together, one for The Killers and another for Muse. Today I’d like to share a quick overview and some of my highlights from The Killers Battle Born build.

Keep in mind that we are only two people, separated by nine...

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A group of friends and I have been karaoking quite regularly at a particular dive in Hollywood’s Koreatown. I won’t give away the name because it’s our dirty little secret and we basically run the place when we’re over there. It’s not located in the safest part of town so we tend to roll deep for safety. My rule is, “There must be more people in our party than patrons at the bar.” Luckily for us this particular spot only has about three regulars at any given time.

There’s the guy with one (maybe two) teeth, who loves Frank Sinatra so I make it a point to lounge “Lady is a Tramp” once or twice a night for him. Then you have shy latino guy who always finds the courage to get on stage before the night is over. He also thanks you, very seriously, for your choice of Nickelback and Creed. Love that guy. Finally, you’ve got a diehard Social Distortion fan that has definitely had a few too...

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In Rock We Trust

$100 FOO

Minting $1,500,000 at the Federal Reserve of Foo Fighters

A little over a week ago, the Foo Fighters played both Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK. Each of these shows ended in a confetti cannon launch of several hundred thousand fake FOO_$100 bills. On the backside of each of these bills we subtly scrawled the web address inrockwetrust.co.uk. I was tasked with building an experience that carried this theme onto the web at that URL.

What made this project really fun was how seamlessly we found ourselves (and our fans) going back and forth from real life to the web and it’s a perfect example of just how connected these two spaces can be. So before we talk about the Internet, let’s take a look at what went into the real world event, as it was literally launched into fans’ faces.

Is this the Real Life?

Master Die

The original bill was designed by Jason and Doug over at Morning...

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Isotoping Sound City

Last week I was tasked by Mr. Grohl to build a real website for his upcoming Sound City documentary. And by real I mean: a place where a synopsis, cast, trailer, and other pieces of media can live and be discovered… not an FM radio or console fader.

Boo. Okay, DG.

We also needed a place to release a new series of videos in which Dave asks everyone that took part in the movie the same question: What was your first music memory? Watch this one with Kevin Cronin to see what I’m talking about. Tom Petty has the best story, but you’ll have to wait for that. ;-)

Making Magic with Isotope

Jason Kadlec of CHNL told me about this fancy jQuery layout plugin called Isotope a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to try it. Isotope describes itself as “an exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts.” Magical indeed. Check out some of the ridiculous demos here.

Setting up Isotope is as easy as...

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