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100% Chance of Social


I’ve always been fascinated by weather, and one million websites ago I thought about becoming a meteorologist. That’s probably because I grew up in south Louisiana where we have a “season” for destructive storms. I remember riding out Hurricane Andrew on a house boat with my family. The reason? Well, if the water rose, we would to. We survived the storm and the dream of replacing Jim Cantore waned.

Fast forward to this month and one of my favorite clients, Jimmy Eat World, is releasing their new record Damage, with an umbrella gracing the Morning Breath designed album artwork. No doubt a nod to the aspirations of my youth. Anyway, they needed a way to premiere “Damage” in an accessibly fun way that played on their social strengths. What’s important here is not to satisfy their current fans. The music should do that. Instead we’re trying to trick non fans into participating in an...

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…Like Phonework

I apologize that it has been a minute since I’ve written here. I recently moved back to New Orleans to take a break from Los Angeles and restart my career as a freelancer. It’s been a lot of fun getting to make internets with the likes of Rian Rochford, Leda Chang, Jason Feinberg, Harold Gutierrez, and many others again. Today I want to share some details on a Queens of the Stone Age campaign I launched last week in support of their soon to be released record, …Like Clockwork.

If you’re in the United States, you can try the experience here before reading this blog. Just type your US number in the blank provided with a 1 in front and click the phone icon to dial.

Like Clockwork

I met Josh Homme about five years ago while working at SAM. He called me “pubes” because my voice cracked during the meeting, and while we’ve created a lot of mischief together during Era Vulgaris and Them Crooked...

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Papa for Pope

Papa Emeritus II

or How to Run a Papal Election Campaign

One proven way to generate extra traffic in Internet marketing is to associate your campaign with major world events somehow. Maybe it’s the Superbowl, Oscars, or in the case of my last campaign, the Papal Conclave. The trick is to react quickly and cleverly in an effort to become part of the massive conversation already happening organically.

We wanted Ghost B.C. to have a presence in Austin at SXSW even though they weren’t performing. Trying to make an impression among all that noise and BBQ is not easy, but we were handed a, dare I say blessing, when Pope Benedict XVI stepped down and forced an election for a new Pope.

We decided to craft a “Papa Emeritus II for Pope” campaign that existed in both the real and digital world via old school printed flyers and the website papaemeritus.com, which allowed fans to cast their vote for Papa and...

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Punta Del Diablo: Part 3

Punta Del Diablo

Hacking in a Hammock

Read Part 1 Part 2

When Jo and I started planning The Endless Hack, we tossed around the concept of “extreme” hacking. That is, creating software in locations that lacked the ideal infrastructure of power and fast internet. This idea was sparked by Chapelle Saint Michel, a tiny little church on an island in the Bretagne of France (where we launched the project) which was only accessible twice a day due to the extreme tidal conditions of that region. We thought it would be fun to go out to the island and attempt to hack something inspired by the church within the tidal timeframe the English Channel provided. We knew full well that there wouldn’t be power on the island and chances of pushing code were pretty slim. However, I believe constraints are important in hacking because they keep you focused on producing an actual product in the time provided.

This idea is...

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Punta Del Diablo: Part 2

Punta Del Diablo

Hacking from a Hammock

Read Part 1

We needed some dinner and inspiration to come up with an idea for our hack, so we took a long walk over sand and rocks, pass the three major beaches, La Viuda, Rivero, Los Botes, and into the small but bustling city center of Punta Del Diablo. It consisted of many colorful bungalows, shops, markets, and bars distributing their wares in Uruguyaun pesos. One thing the graphic designer in me immediately noticed, were the large amount of beer sponsored store signage. I didn’t feel compelled to enter places sponsored by Cerveza Patricia when they were next door to an establishment with a hand-crafted sign. I think Aaron Draplin would agree.

Speaking of advertisements, Punta Del Diablo employs a crew of mobile commercials which consists of a guy on a ATV carrying a speaker four times as large and about 10 volume notches too loud, spewing the same fucking...

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Punta Del Diablo: Part 1

Punta Del Diablo

Hacking from a Hammock

We arrived in Punta del Diablo on Friday evening by way of a WiFi powered COT bus traveling the vast nothingness of Highway 9 on the Uruguayan coastal highway. And by nothing, I mean one tree for every square mile of plains and hills as far as you could see. Occasionally the bus would come to a stop on the road or in a village and locals would silently jump on, because the driver kept the door opened for the entire journey. I would lower my head to get some writing done, and the second I raised it three new passengers would be standing in the aisles right next to me, as if they were all in on the prank.

The trip took around five hours to make it from the Tres Cruces in Montevideo to the bus stop in Punta Del Diablo where Martin, one of our Airbnb hosts was waiting for us in his 4-wheel drive. While I did refer to Jo as my “partner” in the room request, I think...

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Burning in Hell…o, World.


Lighting my first black handle and worrying my Mom. On the web.

I grew up in a religous community in south Louisiana and my extremely devout (and awesome) mother raised us Catholic. While I haven’t practiced since making my confirmation quite some time ago, the catholic guilt still shows up to effect my decision making occasionally. Oddly enough, this hasn’t really come up when choosing clients within my rock and roll career until I recently worked for a band called Ghost.

Ghost is a doom rock band from Sweden (where else.) The lead singer, Papa Emeritus, dresses like an evil pope and fronts a hooded group of musicians refered to as “Nameless Ghouls.” All of their identities are kept secret. For real.

While your initial impression of this act might lead you to believe they sing black metal, the first record Opus Eponymous, is shockingly accessible rock. Perhaps that’s exactly what...

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WebRTC Sprites Generator

WebRTC and Sprites

Yes. The computer graphic, not the soda.

Last weekend I traveled to Punta Del Diablo for a bit of code in the sun and to remotely participate in Music Hack Day Stockholm. As per usual, Johannes and I decided to build a video game, BeatStriker, in under 24 hours and submit it to the competition.

Today, I’d like to share some technical details on a simple client side WebRTC sprite sheet generator I built. We used it to define a simple nine grid sprite sheet consisting of a user’s mug facing nine directions, using a WebCam and a tiny bit of client side JavaScript.

You can expect another blog regarding Punta Del Diablo and the pros and cons of hacking from a hammock soon.


Street Fighter

A sprite sheet is a series of images (sprites) that usually correspond to individual animation frames which are combined into a larger image (or images.) Game designers have used these since 1974 to limit...

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One-Armed Bandit in CSS

CSS Slots

The Endless Hack has begun and what a start it has been! I’m currently writing this tutorial on a Buquebus timezone crossing Rio de la Plata, the Silver River, from Argentina to Uruguay. We chose Buenos Aires as our first destination because we didn’t know anyone or what to expect and our first hack, Who the ****s in Town?, assisted us in making some contacts by indexing our Twitter social graph geographically.

In order to accomplish that, we pass each of our followers’ profile location through a geocoder to improve search results. This takes a bit of time so I created a slot machine which users can play while waiting for each query. I was inspired by Tweetie’s slot machine announcement when Twitter bought their iPhone app and made it the official client “back” in 2010.

While Three.js was a tempting path to take, I decided to merge two tutorials I found on Google, CSS3 3d Primitives...

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X Years

X Years

2013 marks the 10th year I’ve been working in the music business.

10 fucking years.

What started as a chance to pay my rent while at LSU by making buddy icons for Sonic Youth has evolved into an obsession, a way of life. I went to college for art and drew my way through it. Well… almost. I knew early on that all I wanted was to make sure my work was seen and the artists I’ve worked for over the years have given me that opportunity. There’s no way I could thank all of them here, but Mars Volta, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, and Foo Fighters deserve a special shout out. Thank you guys.

I wouldn’t have gotten here without my mentor and best tattoo’d lady friend: Kristen. She tapped me when I was just a lowly fan site owner and helped me make the leap to official site developer. She understands the basic concept that hard working fans, no matter how unlikely their location, deserve a chance...

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