Here Goes Something

Grand Re-Opening

After two incredibly inspiring and amazing years at SoundCloud, I’ve decided to depart and return to the world of freelance web development.

The Last Two Years #

In June of 2010, I left SAM with a purpose: I wanted to become a better programmer. I knew my best chance of doing that was to surround myself with great developers. So I put the word out that I was looking to join a technology company, and soon after was offered a job with SoundCloud as their Experimental Developer and first US employee. I was stoked.

Initially, I worked alongside Dave Haynes and his content team to assist in our music relations. Dave and I had this sort of “Good Cop, Developer Cop” technique when we pitched labels. He would speak wisely about the benefits of our product and I would Don Draper some new ideas utilizing our platform and that particular label’s artists.

I developed some custom SoundCloud powered campaigns, like

and a suite of free apps that solved basic artist problems, like

Once we established a US presence (in San Francisco), I joined Henrik Lenberg’s Developer Platform team and scaled up my initiatives by creating hosted apps like Social and Email Unlock. When I didn’t feel like doing real work, I hacked a few SoundCloud branding campaigns, like

In addition, I took on our agency outreach strategy making sure companies like Eyes & Ears and The Uprising had all the inspiration, support, and knowledge they needed to build rad stuff with our platform.

Today, I’m announcing my departure from SoundCloud. I feel like I accomplished exactly what I set out to do two years ago, and I’m extremely proud of all the awesome work we were able to deploy.

It goes without saying that SoundCloud is absolutely crushing their quest to “unmute the web” and I can’t say enough about the product, vision, and team making that happen.

Prost, I love you guys!

Back in the (Freelance) Game #


That’s right, I’m officially re-open for business and ready to kick some serious ass for you and your artists. Together, we will wage a war of code so brutal your fans might even buy music again. Seriously, let’s get nerdy so your clients don’t have to.

You in? Rad.

Email me at hi at leemartin dot com

On a personal level, I know I can always be a better programmer, but I also want to become a much better storyteller. Online campaigns should be an extension of the artist or album theme, rather than just one and done “all in” marketing campaigns. Your fans should become characters in that story, making their relationships and interactions much more meaningful.

I can’t believe I finally have the freedom to hack and explore new ideas, and it’s my connection with you guys that has given me the confidence to finally take the plunge. So, thank you.

Here’s goes something.


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