A Music Business Job Board

Sex, Drugs, & Jobs

I got 99 problems but a job ain’t one.

I get asked two questions quite a bit #


  1. Do you know someone who can fill this position?
  2. How do I break into the music business?

The answer to the first is yeah, probably. I tend to surround myself with nerds and creatives. And the second is I don’t know …. work hard for a band you care about and hope for the best?

The truth is, recruiting, being recruited, and just getting a chance to work in the music business is tough. There’s so many great jobs and talented candidates, waiting for the day they randomly bump into each other. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the best jobs and talent were able to converge at a common location daily?

I wanted to solve this problem as efficient as possible for my own peace of mind so I decided to build an app: It’s called Sex, Drugs, & Jobs and it’s a job board for the business we hate to love: Music.

A job board… seriously? #

Yes. Seriously. This is a topic I’m very passionate about! I mean, how can you not feel awesome about getting someone a killer gig? Or filling that sweet position with the perfect candidate? The fact of the matter is there are so many talented individuals out there who would kill to work for their favorite artists so let’s all of do our part to seek them out and get them the opportunities they deserve.

But what makes this different from any other job board?

Sex & Drugs #

For starters, a few basic things:

It’s music business specific

Is there any other business really? Fuck sharing real estate with other real professions. If your job doesn’t go to 11 , it doesn’t belong here.

It will be curated

I’ve used my 10 years in the new music business to network with several different groups of people: developers, designers, marketers, industry leaders, management companies, labels, etc. I’m very fortunate to know so many great people, and I’d like to think that I can help bring all these worlds together.

There will be an edge to it

I remember recruiting several candidates to SoundCloud and doing it in my own style: getting people drunk in the middle of the day and convincing them to work there. Just ask Justin Street. I’d like to translate that drunken enthusiasm into this job board. That’s why I teased the board with several edgy slogans, like:

The truth is, the recruiting process has to be fun and it cannot under any circumstances appear to be boring.

Me, duh

I plan on directing all of the traffic I generate personally via my website, projects, and my social accounts to the job board. Any future opportunities and talent that come through my inbox will be forwarded to it.

And, It goes without saying that I’m a really good spokesperson for the companies that I’m passionate in. I just can’t help it.

Alright, you’ve convinced me. #

How do I post my job listing?

For now, drop me a line and I’ll personally get it added for you. Be sure to include the job listing, location, company name, and logo.

I plan on making the posting functionality public soon, but it will also be accompanied by a small fee. The funds generated to further the outreach of the job board to a select few partner websites. Help us, help you.

How do I get hired?

Check out the job board for all current opportunities. Each listing will have it’s own application process, so be sure to read the highlighted area carefully.

To stay up to date with future listings and updates, make sure to sign-up for the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and like us.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions via [email](hi@leemartin.com) or on Twitter.

Thanks for listening and good luck!


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