Drunk Dialing 5000 Fans or How to Promote a Video

Say you have a new video, a large fan base, and a whole lot of nerve.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you dropped a Twilio powered call-in number somewhere randomly into the video? What if when fans called that number they were asked what their favorite part of the video was? Hell, you could probably use those voicemails as highly viral content pieces for your social networks to promote the video. And, you know what? Why not automatically SMS all those callers a discount code to your merch store. That should make them feel extra special.

And, let’s say you wanted to push this a bit further… How about calling all those fans with a pre-recorded message from said artist? That would rock.

Now let’s imagine that by the time you receive this pre-recorded message, you are well into a bar crawl. Maybe you stumble back to the office, order a Crispy Crust pizza [1], pop open a bottle of Dom Perginon, and “program” said call-back loop. I believe it would look something like this:

 for somebody in a_lot_of_people
   # ring ring

Ok, it’s not your best code, but it works. Most programming is smoke and mirrors anyway. [2]

Oh, did I mention it was midnight? Maybe you should wait until… you just pressed Enter? Shit. 5000 fans just picked up the phone and they heard your artist say:

Hey it’s __________, how’d you get my number?

Surely they will be upset at you for waking up the kids? Wrong. Those fans will go on to buy 500% more merch this week than usual, feel a little closer to the artist, and help generate a few million more plays than usual on your video.

Of course, this is all just hypothetical. ;-)

[1] This pizza gets better with scale so go with the large.

[2] Bullshit statement not based on actual facts.


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